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Between Perugino and Beato Angelico. 3-day getaway in Val di Chiana

Difficult to summarize my getaway in and around the Val di Chiana.
Landscape, food, art.
Photos help the narrative and here you will find several of them, some peculiar.
They refer to some masterpieces of art that I saw and some of their details.
They speak of women and their ability to express themselves through their bodies.
Hands, gazes, bodies motionless in listening or soaring to welcome life.
In the Diocesan Museum of Cortona, Beato Angelico's Annunciation with a standing still, attentive Madonna physically receiving the angel's words.
And again Luca Signorelli with his Lamentation over the Dead Christ. In one corner stands Magdalene with her arms outstretched and her brow furrowed. She is just standing there, not understanding.
Also in Cortona, I saw this Tree of Life, a sculpture by Andrea Roggi where the woman is the physical link between earth and heaven with life, literally, flowing through her.
Città della Pieve is a diffuse museum; Perugino's works that permanently inhabit it are joined by a dedicated exhibition, open until Sept. 30.
By Perugino is the fresco, Christ in Pity, which depicts another Magdalene. Very sweet, very tender, a round maiden's face holding Christ's hand, mute.
Last painting photographed is a Pinturicchio's seen in the exhibition. It is called Child Jesus of the Hands. They are delicate woman's hands that surround him protectively and support his little foot.

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